Kegs vs. Bottles - Whats the best option for my event?

Kegs are the best option for events and promotions. They are an even better option when you decide to hire a Brew Box, and here is why.



Kegs can be bought New Zealand in three different sizes. 25 Litre, 30 Litre and 50 Litre. A 50L keg is the equivalent of 160 bottles of better, just over 13 boxes of 12. You can easily get 4 x 50L kegs in a small car, but you would struggle to get 52 boxes of beer!


Keeping it cold:

Trying to keep hundreds and hundreds of bottles of beer cold, and replacing ice throughout your event is a mission! When you purchase a keg, and hire a Brew Box you don’t need any ice. We simply connect up your kegs and you have ice cold beer and/or cider pouring all day and night.



The last thing you want to do after your wedding or event is deal with the rubbish. When using bottles, you are left with so many cardboard boxes and bottles and often nowhere to take them but back to your house where you will slowly get rid of them every fort night when the recycle bin gets picked up. Using kegs eliminates this problem, and if you want, we will even take those away for you!


It’s just cooler!

Your event isn’t just another night or another party where people will be sipping on the cheapest bottle of beer they can find. Having a Brew Box, and allowing your guests to pour their own beer from a proper bar tap is something unique and will add something extra to your party.


Bottles definitely have their time and place, buts just not at your event! Book a Brew Box today and discover why we love kegs so much!

The Brew Box story

It has been a year since we first launched Brew Box so we thought it was time that we told our story. It all started when I was given one job for my wedding by my Fiance Alex. All I had to do was build the wedding bar and organise the drinks, she would organise the rest (she’s an event planner). Ohh… I was also told to turn up on time and wear a suit.

As I only really had one task to do for the wedding, I thought I better make a damn good job of it. I started searching on google for party hire and portable bar hire but I couldn’t find anything cool enough for our big day. I had been given a photo of a rustic bar, with beer taps and kegs that had been custom made for a wedding. I couldn’t find anything in Auckland that even resembled what we were after.

At the time, I was working as a designer for a high end shop fitting company. I had access to design tools and CNC machines. As our wedding got closer, and I still hadn’t got any further with my one single task, my only option was to build a custom bar.

Now I had the bar, I needed some bar equipment. I didn’t know the first thing about pouring beer or dispensing beer. I did some research and decided I needed the best bar equipment you could buy. I thought I better check in with the wedding planner/fiancé before I went and bought the equipment. The bar budget I was given wasn’t going to cover it so my one task of building a bar for the wedding was replaced by making decorations and place card holders.

In the year leading up to our wedding I had an empty bar around the house which drew a lot of attention from friends and family. I started telling everyone what I was planning to do and why it got put on hold. Everyone started saying they loved the idea would have one at their party or wedding if they were available to rent.

This is how Brew Box started. We now rent out our bars for weddings and promotional events. We have been at Taste of Auckland and Beervana as well as heaps of weddings and work parties in and out of Auckland.