About Brew Box...

What's a Brew Box?

A Brew Box is a boutique, custom themed brew bar that can be delivered almost anywhere for any event. With a top quality, draft system, your guests can be drinking cold beer or cider all night, without the hassle of buying ice or picking up bottles in the morning.


Why your next event needs one

At Brew Box we believe beer is just better on tap, and after your first pour we think you will agree. It's not every day you get to walk up to a tap and pour your own ice cold beer. 


But who brings the brew?

In the future Brew Box will be able to 'bring the brew to you'. At present kegs can be supplied by you, or purchased through our friends on our keg suppliers page. We will make it as easy as possible to help you find a brew to fit your event. 


Do I need a bar tender?

The Brew Box is designed as a self service bar, however if you require a bar tender for your event we can also help with that. Contact us with your event requirements and we will organize professional bar staff for your event.


Don't drink beer? no worries...

Our keg suppliers don't just stock beer. Cider is also available in kegs and can be hooked up to the Brew Box easy as. Contact us for help on choosing your brew, or browse our keg supplier's site.


Its not my style....

The Brew Box can be customized for any event. Doesn't fit your theme? We can change that! The design team at Brew Box is currently working on different themes and styles to cater for a wide range of events. If you have something in mind, contact us with your ideas and we can discuss what theme best suits your event.